Homemade Cough Syrup

I have been a little under the weather the past several days.  I, at first, thought it was just allergies, then got a little worse, so I thought probably a cold.  Well, yesterday, I lost my voice, had lots of drainage, and felt like I was coughing up my lungs.  RELIEF WAS NEEDED ASAP!  I tend to be extremely stubborn when it comes to taking medicine…I like to be as all natural as possible.  From earlier research, I knew honey and lemon were good for colds, but I didn’t know how to take them.  I went to the lovely information packed Internet, and used Swagbucks to search for “honey and lemon for bronchitis” (I was sure I had bronchitis, as my mom was just diagnosed with it, and my symptoms were the same as hers).  There it was…a few search results down…Honey Lemon Cough and Cold Remedy.  I had the three required ingredients on hand…raw honey, lemon, and garlic cloves.  I whipped this syrup up and started taking a teaspoonful every 30 minutes for the first couple of hours, then a teaspoonful every couple of hours before I went to bed.  As the evening went on, I started coughing less, feeling less congested, and my voice started slowing coming back!  I went to bed and slept until 4:00 a.m. when I had another coughing attack.  I got up and took another teaspoonful of this wonderful homemade cough syrup, and within 15 minutes or so the coughing subsided.  I have continued taking a teaspoonful every 2-3 hours today, and though not 100% better, I am definitely feeling better than I have been the last few days.  This is definitely a home remedy I will keep bookmarked!
Until next time!
~ jenn ~

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