Meet Jenn

Hi all!  I’m Jennifer (everyone calls me Jenn).  I am a full-time working outside the home mother and wife…to an active four year old and an amazing husband!  We have four dogs…Abby, Butters, Carlee, and Dexter (got the alphabet going, don’t we?!!)…that we love dearly.


I also own a side business called Jenn’s Gifts & More, and I am an Independent Consultant for Pink Zebra Home.  Yes, very busy!  But I enjoy every bit of it!  I have been very interested in blogging for some time now (and have actually started several blogs, but was not happy with the names I have given them…they just sounded blah and boring!).  I think this blog is THE ONE though!  I am still learning about the blogging process, so bare with me on that!

A little about this blog: I tossed around several ideas for a blog…did I want to focus on DIY/Crafts, Frugal Living, Living Healthy, Recipes, etc.?  I kept thinking to myself that I didn’t want to have to stick to one particular subject or theme.  So, that’s when I decided I wanted a blog where I could write about pretty much whatever, whenever…hence, A Momma’s Random Ramblings was born!

To keep up to date with posts to this blog, and any other news, ‘Like’ our Facebook page.

I hope you find some good, helpful, sometimes funny, information from this blog.  I enjoy receiving comments and feedback, and connecting with other moms who blog.

If you would like to contact me, email here.

~ jenn ~


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