Christmas in July

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas already?  For me, I don’t think it is…especially for what I am planning this year.  I am planning “a handmade Christmas”…meaning the majority of the gifts we give will be handmade, but useful.  I am really excited about this plan, and hope to come up with handmade (and useful) items for each family member.  I keep throwing the word ‘useful’ in there, because I know I don’t like getting ‘junk’ that you’re just going to tuck away in a closet, or sell at the next garage sale, etc.  I have a couple of ideas for the little boys in my family already…pictures will come as soon as I’m done with finished products.  🙂  I will say that I am really into crochet, some sewing, a little bit of woodworking…well, painting on wood anyway…and putting appliques on clothing.

Have you thought about Christmas yet?  What are your plans?

Until next time!

~ jenn ~