Our 12th Wedding Anniversary

The hubby and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this past weekend!  The little one stayed at his grandparents house, and we took off to Houston.  First on the list was to do a little shopping…we did, AND I actually got what I was looking for!  After that we had reservations at a very nice restaurant, Fogo de Chao.  We had a delicious all you can eat dinner…it included a wonderful salad bar, several differents types of meat, and a few side dishes.  We were stuffed!  After our dinner, the waiter kept asking if we wanted any dessert…we both said that we would have to pass.  A few minutes later, he comes back with a cheesecake with strawberry topping and cool whip, and “Happy Anniversary” written around the edges of the plate!  How sweet was that?!!  We took a few bites of it, and they boxed the rest up (I finished it up the next day!).  Wonderful day with a wonderful man!

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Until next time~

~ jenn ~


Crockpot Cube Steak

I am ALL for easy meals!  Especially meals I can just throw in the crockpot and do nothing else.  Well, here’s one I’ve made a couple times already.  It is SO EASY and SO TASTY!  Crockpot Cube Steak.  I didn’t take a picture when I made it (I will try to remember next time!), but there is one on the site this recipe came from.  This is great served with creamy mashed potatoes, another veggie (green beans possibly), and crescent rolls…gotta have bread to sop up the remaining gravy!
Anyhow, this is a recipe I highly recommend!
Until next time!
~ jenn ~